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I was reminiscing just the other day
While having coffee all alone and Lord, it took me away
Back to a first-glance feeling on New York time
Back when you fit in my poems like a perfect rhyme

Took off faster than a green light, go
Hey, skip the conversation when you already know
I left a note on the door with a joke we’d made
And that was the first day

Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress
We had this big wide city all to ourselves
We blocked the noise with the sound of ‘I need you’
And for the first time I had something to lose

And I guess we fell apart in the usual way
And the story’s got dust on every page
But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now
And I see your face in every crowd

'Cause darling, it was good never looking down
And right there where we stood was holy ground



Crocs on My Nails… Not

Just found out about a UK “Barry M Croc Nail Effect”.

It’s a crackle nail polish (which I loathe) except this one has a neat and classy animal print finish (which I love). Seriously, as much as I’m enjoying my nail polish fiesta in the US…


(Photo courtesy of nailzcraze)




What’s up with Patricia these days? 2013 and she went missing?

God forbid, I did not.

I’ve been trying to figure out an unusual, non-boring, never-seen-in-other-blogs-before way of telling you that I’ve been busy. So… yeah, guys. I’ve been busy.

I step up the game by taking 4 classes (a.k.a 20 credits) for Winter 2013 quarter. I thought I’d be fine by sacrificing my precious free time on weekdays AND weekends, just burying myself in a pile of communication studies books, business law papers, calculus practice problems, and macroeconomics. Not until after I flunked my 1st math test did I realize that I thought wrong. 20 credits is a big mistake.

I didn’t even know how I got to Tumblr. Spare me a break, people… Patricia is damn tired. But I find it funny that despite this being my busiest quarter, I suddenly had another reason to smile. Don’t expect any details, not even a clue, not here, not anywhere. I’m just… happy.

But see, Justin Bieber ruined my mood. UGH. My heart is all over the place, I’m shedding unnecessary emotional tears over here. Good music is good when meant.

(Oh, and about the laundry incident last month? Solved. My sister’s tip works!)

Alright, til I resurface! <3



2012’s Jam!

2012 had been a great year for my iTunes!

Payphone • Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa

Every time I think I’m getting over Maroon 5, they keep coming out with better songs. I, LOVE, “Payphone”.

Starship • Nicki Minaj

If it’s a great dance-pop song, it must be by RedOne. Personally, I like this much more than Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”; it’s THE summer track of the year, regardless of whether starships are indeed meant to fly (by the way what is a starship actually?).

I Knew You Were Trouble • Taylor Swift

Country or not, I come to Taylor Swift for good music, and I always get one. Swift is stepping up the game with “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and I raise my hat for that.

Call Me Maybe • Carly Rae Jepsen

No wonder “Call Me Maybe” made it big this year; it’s so adorable that everyone just can’t say no!

Good Time • Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

"Good Time" sounds light and fun, and so I listen to it when doing my homework — trying to convince myself that I’m having a good time.

Little Things • One Direction

What’s with this song?! It’s so beautiful! And before you judge, I was no 1D fan, but I am leaning towards that side now because of “Little Things”.

Crayon • G-Dragon

YG might have spent a little too much on its music video, but “Crayon” screams “GD” and is a genius track nonetheless, in music, concept and lyrics.

That XX • G-Dragon

Combined with the music video, “That XX” is a work of art, full stop.

풋사과 (Unripe Apple/Green Apple) • Hyuna feat. Ilhoon

It’s great that the producer doesn’t seem to be trying to cover Hyuna’s lack of singing skill by giving a song that suits her and just her. The song oozes a lovely falling-in-love vibe, and Ilhoon’s featuring is also a nice addition. As a big Hyuna fan, I’m really glad she came out with “풋사과”.

I Feel Good • EXID

I didn’t expect this from EXID, and this track is just outstanding. Their vocal & dance moves seem to be improving too. Definite thumbs up for the girls.

Burning • Phantom

Never pay attention to the band until this song came out. And wow, I’m impressed. “Burning” sounds kinda Nell-ish, but with more K-Pop vibe. I love it.

오늘 뭐해? (What Are You Doing Today?) • Hello Venus

Though my preference gave no mercy to cookie-cutter aegyo-abusing rookies, I gotta give way to Hello Venus with this one. “오늘 뭐해?” is a cute energetic song, which seems to suit the group’s concept just fine.

I Love You • 2NE1

So flawlessly composed. Some will despise it, some will like it in a heartbeat, and I absolutely belong to the latter. Notice that YGent got a new person in the team, a “Lydia Paek”, and well guys I just decided I like her too. It’s such a shame that the music video is a downgrade! This song deserves a much, much, better & artsier video.

Baby I’m Sorry • B1A4

Whatever happened to those tacky-looking, “Ok! Go”-singing losers?! (Don’t feel offended, fans, that’s really just my honest opinion!) “Baby I’m Sorry” erased all B1A4’s sins in my eyes.
P.S. I saw them performing one of their songs live at Music Core (yes, I went to SK in the summer!). They were very nice & polite, and I was very touched. Bonus points to B1A4 — I’m so keeping an eye on their future releases.

Step • A Pink

"Step" is a lovely track in itself. The girls’ voices sound so delicate, and are arranged in soft layers that made me fell in love with this song instantly.

I Got You • A Pink

Another song from the same A Pink album, “I Got You” got me hooked for no reason. Maybe it’s because the crazy high notes Eunji pulled off at the intermezzo, or the sassy cute vibe this song oozes. It’s likely to be both though.


백야 (White Night) • Nell

Ah, Nell always come out with great songs to rip our hearts apart. We all know how awesome Kim Jongwan is, and I honestly cannot imagine anyone else singing “White Night” as perfect as he does.

1, 2, 3, 4 • Lee Hi

Sure, she’s the awkward new girl from YG when you see the music video, but watch her perform “1, 2, 3, 4” live and you’ll see how even the senior performers of K-Pop can’t match Lee Hi’s performing quality.

Talk That • Secret

Yay, a sad song! (I’m also into sad songs if you guys don’t notice that already) Not really a fan of the music video, but definitely one of the song. It’s too bad the Secret members got into a terrible car accident when they were just starting the promotion for “Talk That”, partly taking away the success it deserves.

Loving U • Sistar

WOW, Sistar. A great K-Pop summer track that complements the members’ voices (especially Hyorin’s) perfectly. I’d pick this song as an alternative to Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop!”.

Alone • Sistar

Alright, so another Sistar song. Before you raise your eyebrows, I feel obliged to say that I’m really not into Sistar’s sexy songs and concepts (and outfits, yikes), but this song sounds like the right blend of sexy and classy, and I hope they’ll limit the group’s concept to stuffs like this and not go overboard like what they did with “So Cool” in the future.

Electric Shock • F(x)

Finally, an F(x) song that we all can agree on! I love this song to the point of deciding that “Electric Shock” is SMent’s best release this year. If you guys are curious, the music video also made it to the 4th most viewed K-Pop videos of 2012.

Sexy, Free & Single • Super Junior

First of all, I have to admit that the title cracks me up. But it’s catchy, in a good way, and the track definitely belongs to K-Pop’s level of classy (not sexy, SM). Probably the best Super Junior comeback since the legendary “Sorry, Sorry”.

Caffeine • Yoseob

Flawless. I cannot say much about Yoseob since I’m not a big fan of his voice, but rookie producer and fellow bandmate Yong Junhyung has finally reached producing perfection with “Caffeine” (and you know, those slow raps are just sexy). If he continues making songs like this, I’m all ears.



Stupid Laundry Accident

I never thought of myself as someone who would be stupid enough to wash a newly bought dress — let alone in red! — with a bunch of white clothes.

But accidents happen, and one did happen this evening when I was doing the weekly laundry. I bought a sweet first lady-style red dress at F21 a couple of days ago, and when I was throwing it into the washing machine along the clothes, to get it clean was the only thing I had in mind. I didn’t even realize I’ve ruined almost all my favorite white apparels when I move the clothes to the dryer.

Hence, I was in deep shock when I realize they came out in pink.

It wasn’t only deep shock. I was devastated, I got teary, and I almost went out in the pitch black night to the nearest Safeway to get my hands on a bottle of whitener/bleacher. Except that I couldn’t; there was no flashlight around. I turned to Google, and many articles I read advise using stuffs like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. I couldn’t perform any of them on my clothes as well. I repeat, I was devastated. I wear something white almost every day. White clothing seems to serve as the core to whatever outfit I put on…

Anyway, after hours of weeping, a solution came into light. Or rather, my sister did. She was wearing her white t-shirt that she swore was a shade of pink two months ago. Her t-shirt made it through the process of, um, enlightenment, and is now back to its original color, and guess what her key is? Re-wash, re-wash, and re-wash. And I did just that. I rewashed my stained clothes three times, and they had turned a lighter shade of pink than before. Apparently this process somehow works, though it takes time… oh well, fine with me. I have nothing & trust nothing but my washing machine, and I guess I can go to school in a dusty cream pink shirt for two months, until it turned to its original dusty cream color.

Stupid laundry accident got me, but I’m glad I have my solution. To all the people out there who are having clothes’ color run-off accident & have no vinegar or baking soda or whatever, don’t panic! Just rewash the clothes again and again. Throw it in along with other clothes every time you’re doing the laundry. After around 10-15 times of being washed, it should turn to its original color. I’ll update you guys when mine have turned white! Xox



Remember to stop, breathe, and get back to the core of who you are and what you believe in.
Mariana Dantec



500 Days of Europe by patriciacarliang featuring party sunglasses

Proenza Schouler , $2,110 / Marni / Rachel Antonoff navy shorts / Charlotte Olympia cat flat / Mimco , $205 / Astley Clarke , $995 / Chanel party sunglasses / Versace  fragrance / OOOK - Prada - Women&#8217;s Accessories 2010 Fall-Winter - LOOK 59
500 Days of Europe by patriciacarliang featuring party sunglasses

Proenza Schouler , $2,110 / Marni / Rachel Antonoff navy shorts / Charlotte Olympia cat flat / Mimco , $205 / Astley Clarke , $995 / Chanel party sunglasses / Versace fragrance / OOOK - Prada - Women’s Accessories 2010 Fall-Winter - LOOK 59



Tracing my way home… and losing it.

This is bad.

I never thought I’d question such stupid thing, but really though,

Where is my home?

I walked home with a friend this afternoon. One of the topics we talked about was home (oh geez, I brought this upon myself, didn’t I) before we separated ways at the intersection; she was heading back to school and I was going home. As I walked by myself along the already-familiar streets, something struck me, wow, now I’m calling the host family’s house a home. My sister lives in the same house and my host aunt is a very nice lady who cooks tasty Indonesian meals for us everyday, and with all these school stuffs going on I guess it had never really occurred to me that I’ve been calling this house my home for 1 and a half month. But the thing is, it is like a ‘headquarter’, yeah, but it doesn’t feel like home. Don’t get me wrong, I love this house and everything, but a little something is missing. And somehow, that little something now feels like a huge deal. My parents isn’t here, my brother isn’t here, the air-con above my bed that I always set to 23°, my oval mirror, my tall window, my heavy bedroom door, I just realized how I long for those things. The only things that remind me of a home.

Now without them, I can’t quite feel it anymore.

And I kinda miss the feeling of having a home.

Oh well, I’m just a kid, too careless to understand college, too stubborn to live by myself, too unfitting to be friends with, too immature for the world. And I’ll grow up, but not today. Not now.



Clam Chowder, ooooh!
(At Mo&#8217;s Restaurant, Oregon — September 15th 2012)

Clam Chowder, ooooh!

(At Mo’s Restaurant, Oregon — September 15th 2012)